Digital Schools of Distinction Award

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St. Fursey’s National School has recently been awarded the prestigious Digital Schools of Distinction Award. The school is currently undertaking the School Self Evaluation Process in incorporating Digital Technologies into Classroom Teaching to foster and enhance the guiding principles of the Digital Learning Framework.

In our school we are aware that the children in our classrooms are technologically “savvy” and growing up in a Digital World. Therefore we are working to ensure that these “digikids” are equipped with the necessary skills to grow and develop in this world. There is a hard working and committed DLF (Digital Learning Framework) team, co-ordinated by Ms. Mc Guinness within the school, that work collaboratively to ensure that the aims set out in the SSE School Improvement Plan are being met.

The school has access to a range of digital technologies and investments are continuously being made in this area. Each classroom has access to the most up to date Interactive Whiteboards; there are a full class set of 32 Chromebooks available to use; Digital Video Recorders, Ipads etc. In June 2019, the school was inspected to ensure that all digital resources were being used to benefit the educational needs of all pupils. As a result St. Fursey’s N.S. is now a Digital School of Distinction.To find out more detailed information about how these resources are being utilised in the school please read our Report from the DSoD (Digital Schools of Distinction) evaluation.

On Friday 29th November 2019 Sharon Fennelly and KJ Hamill were invited to St. Fursey’s N.S. to raise the Amber flag and Digital Schools of Distinction Flag. Other invited guests included Chairperson of the Board of Management Rev. Dermot Clarke; Fr. Aidan Mc Cann – School Chaplin; Susan Murphy and Mandy Dowdall – Members of the Parent’s Association. There was a great atmosphere in the school among the pupils for this celebration day.

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