Senior Infants Tour

The children from Senior Infants  had a wonderful day on their school tour which was held at Red Mountain Farm. We loved seeing the different animals and talking to the farmer. The most popular activity was the ride on the trailer. 

Math Buddies

The children from 6th class have paired up with the children from Senior Infants. They are engaging in a programme called Math Buddies that promotes a system of peer learning among the children. Everyday the children from Senior Infants pair up with their 6th class buddy and engage in 10 minutes of Mental Math games and written activities. 

Senior Infants Easter Term

The children from Senior Infants have been very busy this term learning all about Spring. They went on a Spring Nature Walk and explored all of the signs of spring that they could spot in the immediate environment of the school. They learned all about the parts of a flowers with a specific focus on Daffodils. They also were busy planting seeds and are seeing their pea plants begin to develop and sprout. Well done Senior Infants!