Chromebook Buddies

The children from 6th class have been very busy working as peer tutors helping the children from 2nd class to log onto and off the Chromebooks. They helped them to complete an assignment on Google Classroom. The children had to type a Google document titled “All About Me”. As a treat they also got to play some educational games online when they completed their assignments. 

First Communion

We celebrated our Communion. We had a wonderful day. Thank you to the Parents Association for the reception in the school after mass. It was lovely to spend time with all our families and friends after the service.


2nd Class Easter Term

The children in 2nd class have been very busy preparing for their Sacrament of First Penance. This took place in St. Fursey’s Church Haggardstown. It was a beautiful celebration attended by the children and their immediate families. They answered their prayers so well, sang beautiful songs and read their stories and prayers to perfection. They were brilliant.

The children have also been very busy planning English stories with good beginnings, middles, problems, resolutions and endings. These are on display in their classroom and are very interesting reads!

They have also created some beautiful Spring Art masterpieces. They have worked with oil pastels and created Spring Sunsets and tulip meadows. They are delightful pieces of art!