Chromebook Buddies

The children from 6th class have been very busy working as peer tutors helping the children from 2nd class to log onto and off the Chromebooks. They helped them to complete an assignment on Google Classroom. The children had to type a Google document titled “All About Me”. As a treat they also got to play some educational games online when they completed their assignments. 

6th Class Skypark 2022

6th Class visited Skypark in Carlingford on Friday June 24th for their final school tour. It was a wonderful day and the sun came out to make it even more special and enjoyable! We were so busy all day participating in the various activities and attempting the aeriel tour that we only got photographs at lunch time!!


5th and 6th Class Sports Day Winners

The children from 5th and 6th class really enjoyed participating in their Sports Day activities organised by Ms. Higgins. They were wonderful captains for the team events and participated with enthusiasm! The children from 5th and 6th class also got to participate in sprint races, sack races and three legged races. They were presented with their medals at school on Wednesday 22nd June!

Trip to Guard Station

Sixth class were brought on a school tour to the Dundalk Guard Station where they were given some insights into the challenging and rewarding work that our Guards do to keep us safe and protected. Our local Community Guard Damian Welby helped organise this wonderful tour. The children really enjoyed the experience meeting representatives from the Armed Force Unit, The Traffic Corps and the Community Guards. They also got to meet some Detectives and the Superintendent. 

Math Buddies

The children from 6th class have paired up with the children from Senior Infants. They are engaging in a programme called Math Buddies that promotes a system of peer learning among the children. Everyday the children from Senior Infants pair up with their 6th class buddy and engage in 10 minutes of Mental Math games and written activities. 

6th Class Easter Term

The boys and girls in 6th class have been very busy in the lead up to the Easter Holidays.

They covered a theme of work based on Artists through history.  In English they explored the work of Frida Kahlo, Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Monet, Picasso, Salvador Dahli and Bridget Riley. The children wrote a report on Johannes Vermeer in Writer’s Workshop. In SESE they completed a History project on the Renaissance and studied the Work of Michelangelo and Leonard Da Vinci. In Art they created beautiful recreations depicting the famous quotes of Frida Kahlo.

Finally, before finishing up for the Easter holidays the 6th class completed an SESE project on Irish History exploring “The 1916 Rising”, “Irish Language – Decline and Revival” and the work of “Daniel O Connell”.

Enjoy looking through some photographs displaying some of the work that they completed.