Joe the Magician

We had an amazing gift from our brilliant parent’s committee! To help us settle back into our fun school year they booked the hilarious “Joe the Magician” for all of our classes to enjoy. We were all spellbound by his amazing magic. Big thank you to the parents committee for such a enjoyable start of term treat.

Maths Week 2022

Maths Week Ireland took place between the 15th and the 23rd of October 2022. Throughout the school the children engaged in a wide variety of mathematical activities from math games on the Chromebooks, Math quizzes on Zoom, Card games, Art activities focusing on Shape and Space, Problem Solving tasks and Math Buddies. The children from 6th class also engaged in a Math Workshop with lecturers from the DKIT. This workshop focused on binary code and how is used to create pixelated images.


Math Buddies

The children from 6th class and 1st Class have been engaged in peer tutoring through the Math Buddy programme. Every Friday the children will pair up to engage in Math games and activities. This is a valuable opportunity for all children involved to learn from one another in a fun, engaging and motivational manner. Such a wonderful start to Maths week 2022!


1st Class School Tour 2022

The children from 1st Class had a wonderful day on their school tour which was held at Red Mountain Farm.  The children enjoyed participating in a range of fun activities. The trip to the farm was well deserved by all pupils after two years with no school tour due to Covid-19!

1st Class Easter Term

At school the children in 1st Class have been very busy learning all about keeping their bodies healthy. They have learned all about the Food pyramid with a focus on healthy and unhealthy foods and maintaining a balanced diet. They have explored the many ways we can keep our bodies active and healthy. The children have also explored the things that they can do to ensure that their teeth are healthy for life! This has been a very busy term.