Green School Project

We were awarded our 7th Green Flag (Global Citizenship: Energy) in June last year.
We are currently working towards our 8th Flag (Global Citizenship: Marine Environment).
This is a two-year process and we will submit our application next year.

National Marine Week

As part of our work on our Global Citizenship: Marine Environment Flag, we recently celebrated National Marine Week in our school. Each class participated in different marine-themed lessons and activities. Over the course of the week, each class visited the Green Schools website and engaged with the activities that were uploaded there each day.

Junior Infants read the stories “The Smiley Shark” and “The Curious Clownfish.” They also sang the song “There’s a Hole at the Bottom of the Sea” and did some writing and art activities based on the theme “Under the Sea.”
Senior Infants learned all about sea creatures and used different materials to make their favourite ones while 1st class did some excellent projects on sea turtles.
2nd class made fabulous sea-themed mobiles.
3rd class participated in some of the “Draw-Along” art videos that were hosted on the Green Schools website each day while 4th class enjoyed a very informative Zoom talk on “Basking Sharks.”
5th class used the Green Schools resources as well as different websites to create some very interesting marine-themed projects.
6th Class took part in a fun quiz to test their knowledge on microbeads. They also learned about humpback whales and the challenges that threaten their existence. Finally they carried out a marine experiment where they explored something called osmosis.
A very enjoyable week was had by all!

Marine Day

We held our Action Day for our Green Flag on Friday the 4th of June.
The children dressed up in marine-themed costumes on the day. The children made an amazing effort with everything from Nemo and Dory to a whale that squirted out actual water on display! 6th class and the Green Committee organised lots of fun activities including a fashion show, a marine-themed quiz and sea-themed P.E. games. The whole school also performed dances to “Under the Sea” and “A Pirate You Shall Be” in their class bubbles in the yard. The brilliant weather helped to ensure that everyone had a day to remember. A big thank you to Mr Smith, Ms Callan, Ms Sloane, 6th class and the Green Committee for all their help with the organisation of the day. Thank you also to our fantastic judges, Mrs Vallely, Mrs Jones and Ms Galligan who had a very tough job choosing the winners.