Junior Infants 2021/2022

Ms. Higgins, Mrs. Hamill and all of the staff of St. Fursey’s National School are looking forward to meeting the new Junior Infants on Tuesday 31st of August for their first day of school. It is a very exciting time and we hope that your child is looking forward to starting their Primary School journey with us. We will be in touch with all of the updated details as soon as possible ,to ensure that your child returns to the safest possible school environment amidst this Covid-19 pandemic. We are working very hard behind the scenes to ensure the school is as safe, clean and organised as possible and that we are adhering to the Guidelines set out by the Department of Education. Until then, attached below is a copy of our Junior Infant Welcome Pack. Please feel free to download the information booklet and browse through it at your own convenience.

Junior Infant Welcome Pack