Playground Stencils

The Playground Stencils Programme is an initiative by the Louth Local Community Development programme,
working in conjunction with Sport Ireland and the Louth Local Sports Partnership.

The rationale behind the initiative is so increase the overall physical activity levels of all primary school children,
physical activity is central to a person’s physical, psychological, emotional and social health. It should be seen as
part of every child’s daily lifestyle.
It is hoped that this initiative will encourage children to take part in active games that can help them develop good
habits which will prove invaluable throughout their lives.
The playground games are aimed at both group and individual participation. The activities are ideal for games and
for informal play which research shows will
(a) encourage play
(b) prevent accidents and bullying
(c) provide children with structured games.

The Playground stencils were sourced this year from the Local Sports Partnership and painted on our school yard. The results were fantastic!