Wellbeing Week 2022

The children from Saint Fursey’s N.S were treated to three days of great fun to promote Wellbeing Week in the school. This was organised by the 6th class Wellbeing committee with the help of Ms. Mc Guinness. The week was split into the following days:

Wellbeing Wednesday – The children in each class chatted about Wellbeing and the activities that we can do to promote our Mental Health and Wellbeing. The sixth class children organised a colouring competition for this day where all classes in the school were invited to complete a “Selfie Colouring Page”. The children were encouraged to illustrate pictures of themselves involved in activities that they enjoy. Winners of this competition will be announced in the coming days!

Thoughtful Thursday – All children were encouraged to participate in meditation and minfulness activities during this day. Some classes listened to mindfulness podcasts while others engaged in guided meditation and engaged in some relaxing mindfulness colouring activities.

Fitness Friday – All children in the school were encouraged to participate in additional PE lesson today. The children from 6th class organised a Yard disco for lunchtime. The whole school were also treated to a game of Teachers Versus 6th class Rounders. This was an enjoyable afternoon. The teachers defeated 6th class by one point!!!

This week of activities was a culmination of work that has been completed in the school throughout the year to promote Mental Health and Wellbeing. The school were awarded their 3rd Amber Flag from Pieta House which acknowledges this effort. Well done to all involved on meeting the targets for this year!