Physical Education

​The Physical Education curriculum allows for an hour of physical activity each week for each class. We engage with all curriculum areas each year: Athletics; Dance; Gymnastics; Games; Outdoor and Adventure Activities; and Aquatics. At St. Fursey’s all pupils are provided with 60 minutes of PE each week. Our PE programme allocated a balanced amount of teaching time to each of the different PE strands.Our PE equipment and resources are clearly labelled, well organised and easily accessible for both teachers and playground leaders. In the school calendar year 2019/2020 all teachers, parents and pupils were surveyed as a means of evaluating physical education within St. Fursey’s. Using this information our school PE plan was restructured and a focus was put on developing the fundamental movement skills while engaging with all strands of the PE curriculum. Our aim is to develop all of these skills as the pupils progress through St. Fursey’s N.S.

This year our teachers engaged with a PDST facilitator to focus on developing our lessons in relation to gymnastics.

Our school also teaches the Land PAWS water safety programme to all classes each year.